Never be caught handbag twinning with a stranger again!  Nancy Hue offers bespoke personalized designs based on your style and color preferences to create you a one of a kind handbag that no one else will have.

Bespoke Handbag Designs

How It Works

Step 1 – Pick any Nancy Hue Handbag to start

We offer a variety of handbag styles, sizes, and colors.  

Not sure which handbag to go with?  Our designer will do 1-on-1 style consultation with you to help you select the best handbag for your style and lifestyle needs.

Step 2 – 1-on-1 Style Consultation with Designer

Our designer will meet with you 1-on-1  to do a personalized Style Consultation to better understand your handbag and style personality.

Step 3 – Bespoke Handbag Design 

Using the information and insight from the Style Consultation, our designers will create a mockup of the design for your review.  

Step 4 – Bespoke Handbag Creation

Once design is approved, our team of handbag artists and designers will start creating your bespoke design and notify you when your handbag is ready.

Enjoy your Bespoke Handbag!

Unveil your one of a kind bag and get ready to turn some heads! 

Enjoy your bespoke handbag – you are one of a kind and your handbag should be too!