Handbags and accessories are a unique expression of your personal style. As such, your handbag should be as unique as you. At Nancy Hue, we love empowering our customers and clients through style. Nancy Hue offers a variety of handbag customization options from adding text to custom bespoke designs for our clients.

 What is a Custom Bespoke Handbag Design?

Bespoke designs are designs that are custom made just for you based on your specifications. Custom Bespoke Handbag Designs are designs made for you and used to customize the handbag of your choice.

Is there a certain style or design you love but have never seen on a handbag? Do you want a handbag that is uniquely you? If so, bespoke designs are for you.

Nancy Hue Custom Bespoke Handbag Design

 What is the Process for a Custom Bespoke Handbag Design?

 Step 1: Select your Handbags to Customize

Let us know which bag in your cart your would like customized or if you will be bringing your own bag.

 Step 2: Purchase the number of sides want customized

 Purchase the number of sides you would like for us to customize. Note: Bags with a flap have the option to have the under flap customized as well for a more seamless and refined look.



our team will reach out to you to schedule your 1-on-1 with designer Nancy Hue.

How Long Does it Take?

Bespoke Handbag Designs are hand-painted onto prepped handbags. The process to customize a handbag can take several weeks to complete depending on current waitlist. Processing times vary based on design intricacy and complexity.


 Our team will notify you once your bag is done. We can ship your custom bag to you or if you prefer, we have contact-free curbside pick-up available as well.

Enjoy your new Wearable Art piece (Handbag)

Get ready to turn heads with your new custom one of kind, hand-painted handbag that is as unique as you are!

Nancy Hue Bespoke Custom Hand Painted Flap Bag