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Nancy Hue (pronounced “way”) was created with the vision of providing gorgeous handbags and accessories that make a woman feel great, confident, and empowered.  Offering stunning styles that can look great with any outfit and can easily transition to various activities – from work, to the gym, to dinner or happy hour.

Nancy Hue offers personalized leather handbags for a truly unique and one of a kind accessory.  Empowering customers with creative self-expression.  Customize your own Mattelasse lambskin Classic Flap Bag and make a statement! 

Our designers can also customize a design for you using any of our handbags with our Bespoke handbag services.  

Nancy Hue is committed to helping and empowering others and has identified several non-profit organizations that are aligned with our mission and is empowering our customers with a choice of which organization the proceeds from their purchase will go to. Nancy Hue will donate a portion of each purchase to the customer-selected non-profit organization.

Why Choose Us

empowering others

Every purchase helps empower others – a portion of each purchase will be donated to the customer-selected non-profit organization.

Personalized & Unique

Custom, personalized, one-of-a-kind items

Free Delivery

Free delivery on domestic US orders over $250

Our Founder

Nancy Hue

Nancy Hue


Nancy has been an avid handbag lover.  In elementary school, her mom taught her how to sew and she took this new learned skill to make her first fabric handbag.  She loved going to the fabric store to pick out the fabrics and materials for her creations. She also made pouches and headscarves.  She experimented with different materials and styles and her love for handbags and accessories only grew as she got older. 

Having always been an avid fashion and style enthusiast, Nancy Hue has a keen eye for styles that look great on anyone that can also easily transition from day to night.  Women are multi-faceted people who do multiple things throughout the day, they shouldn’t have to change their bag with each transition.  Nancy believes that a great handbag can easily pair with any outfit to enhance it to take your style to the next level.  

Empowering and helping others is something our founder feels very strongly about which is why a portion of the proceeds from each order will be donated to a non-profit organization that is aligned with our brand and mission.

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy nancyhue nancyhuehandbags minimaliststyle style chainbag flapbag handbaglover lambskin studdedbag -- view on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIH6LiYJlyJ/ -- Follow on IG! @thenancyhue

Chains and gold details 🥇⛓🖤 @cateyesandcandy

Chains and gold details 🥇⛓🖤 @cateyesandcandy nancyhue nancyhuehandbags minimaliststyle style chainbag miniflapbag handbaglover lambskinleatherbag -- view on IG: https://www.instagram.com/p/CIH5UJ0ptEE/ -- Follow on IG! @thenancyhue