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Nancy Hue

Created with the vision of providing gorgeous handbags and accessories that make a woman feel great as well as confident, and empowered, Nancy Hue (pronounced “way”) is a boutique handbag and accessories brand offering styles that can easily transition to the various activities that women do throughout the day.  





Our founder, Nancy, has always loved purses and handbags since she was a child.  In elementary school, her mom taught her how to sew and do minor clothing repairs and  she took this new learned skill to make her first fabric handbag.  She also made pouches and headscarves.  She loved going to the fabric store to pick out the fabrics and materials for her creations. She experimented with different materials and styles and her love for handbags and accessories only grew as she got older. 

Having always been an avid fashion and style enthusiast, Nancy Hue has a keen eye for styles that look great on anyone that can also easily transition from day to night.  Women are multifaceted people who do multiple different activities throughout the day, they shouldn’t have to change their handbag with each transition.  A great handbag can easily pair with any outfit to enhance it and take your style to another level.  

Meet the founder
Nancy Hue

Nancy Hue has always had a  passion for style and fashion. 

Despite a successful corporate career, Nancy’s passion for fashion always made her want to use her creativity and taste more.  It was this love for fashion and style that ultimately drove her to pursue her own ventures outside of the corporate world, to focus on what she loves.

Nancy originally started a fashion, style, and beauty blog Cat Eyes & Candy, while she was still working in corporate America.  This became the initial outlet to pursue creative fashion projects and events where she worked with countless brands as an influencer, modeling and reviewing products, on both Instagram and her style blog.  Even though that was a personal goal, she still felt something else was calling her to grow from the blog into a more specific passion within the fashion world.

Having always been an avid (re: obsessed) handbag lover, Nancy knew that she had to make her next adventure deeper into fashion, and it would be all about handbags and accessories.  Her diverse taste in accessories and keen eye for style has since become known to deliver beautiful and timeless styles every time.

Nancy has always believed that everyone should have a handbag that they love and covet and just make them feel great.  The perfect handbag will help elevate your style and make you feel fabulous and confident as you take on the world.

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