About Nancy Hue HANDBAGS 

Nancy Hue

Created with the vision of providing stylish luxury handbags at attainable prices, Nancy Hue (pronounced “way”) is a handbag brand and boutique offering timeless, chic, fashion forward, quality handbags that are accessible to the every day woman.





Attainable Luxury & Quality 

Our founder, Nancy, has always loved handbags and was raised with the style principle that you do not have to spend a million bucks to look like a million bucks!  It is our mission to provide stylish quality handbags at attainable prices.

Nancy Hue is based in San Diego, California and draws it’s style inspiration from Southern California’s diverse culture and fashion as well as fashion weeks worldwide.

Meet the founder
Nancy Hue

Nancy Hue has always had a  passion for style and fashion. 

Despite a successful corporate career, Nancy’s passion for fashion always made her want to use her creativity and taste more.  It was this love for fashion and style that ultimately drove her to pursue her own ventures outside of the corporate world, to focus on what she loves.

Nancy originally started a fashion, style, and beauty blog Cat Eyes & Candy, while she was still working in corporate America.  This became the initial outlet to pursue creative fashion projects and events where she worked with countless brands as an influencer, modeling and reviewing products, on both Instagram and her style blog.  Even though that was a personal goal, she still felt something else was calling her to grow from the blog into a more specific passion within the fashion world.

Having always been an avid (re: obsessed) handbag lover, Nancy knew that she had to make her next adventure deeper into fashion, and it would be all about handbags.  Her diverse taste in handbags and keen eye for style has since become known to deliver beautiful and timeless styles every time.

Nancy has always believed that everyone should have a handbag that they love and covet, but it shouldn’t cost you an arm and a leg to do it. As such, she made it her goal to offer stylish luxury handbags without the ridiculous price tags, and that’s exactly what she has done.  Get your own Nancy Hue handbag for a price you’ll love right here on this website to this day.

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