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Nancy Hue is committed to bringing you stylish, timeless handbags and accessories that you’ll love!  Leather handbags, Luxe Styles that you can wear everyday and take with you everywhere – what more can a girl ask for?  Each collection has limited inventory, so shop our collections for the perfect go-to handbags and purses today while supplies last.

About Nancy Hue

Created with the vision of providing gorgeous handbags and accessories that make a woman feel great as well as confident, and empowered, Nancy Hue (pronounced “way”) is a boutique handbag and accessories brand offering styles that can easily transition to the various activities that women do throughout the day.  

Our founder, Nancy, has always loved purses and handbags since she was a child.  In elementary school, her mom taught her how to sew and  she took this new learned skill to make her first fabric handbag, pouches, and headscarves.  She loved going to the fabric store to pick out the fabrics and materials for her creations. She experimented with different materials and styles and her love for handbags and accessories only grew as she got older. 

Having always been an avid fashion and style enthusiast, Nancy Hue has a keen eye for styles that look great on anyone that can also easily transition from day to night.  Women are multifaceted, they need a handbag that will look great in any setting.  A great handbag easily pairs with any outfit to take your style to the next level.  

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Garden Party Bags for any outfit

Garden Party Bags for any outfit

With summer officially here, garden parties are becoming a more and more popular occurence.  Get outdoors and enjoy nature. garden party accessory Whether you are opting for a girly look, a cottage core look, classic look, or something a little more edgy, Nancy Hue...

Handpainted Statement Handbags and Outfit Style Ideas

Handpainted Statement Handbags and Outfit Style Ideas

You have your new Nancy Hue Handpainted Statement bag.  Now it is time to get your outfits ready. Outfit Ideas for your Statement Bag The great thing about statement bags is that they can go with any outfit.   Day Outfit Ideas Pair with the classic jeans and a white...

Top 5 Bags for Summer

Top 5 Bags for Summer

Summer is a great time for colorful handbags!  Lighter color schemes and smaller sizes are another staple of summer handbags as well.  Summer brings more events and activities because the weather is nice and everyone wants to get out and enjoy the weather, you don't...

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy

Lux studded lambskin leather flap bag @cateyesandcandy nancyhue nancyhuehandbags minimaliststyle style chainbag flapbag handbaglover lambskin studdedbag -- view on IG: -- Follow on IG! @thenancyhue

Chains and gold details 🥇⛓🖤 @cateyesandcandy

Chains and gold details 🥇⛓🖤 @cateyesandcandy nancyhue nancyhuehandbags minimaliststyle style chainbag miniflapbag handbaglover lambskinleatherbag -- view on IG: -- Follow on IG! @thenancyhue

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